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Embark on a transformative journey with Bidisha Ray, your dedicated partner for professional resume writing services in the UK, specializing in career growth, LinkedIn brilliance, and interview excellence. Bidisha is not just a coach; she is your career collaborator and resume-writing expert, committed to crafting resumes that reflect your essence, propel career advancement, optimize LinkedIn for success, and prepare you to excel in interviews.

Meet Bidisha Ray: Your Career Transformation Enabler

Bidisha goes beyond traditional coaching, offering personalized mentorship and a tailored approach to ensure your professional journey is on the path to success. With a remarkable repertoire, she excels in crafting resumes that not only meet industry standards but also make a powerful and lasting impression.

Webinar - Making of a Winning Resume
Winning Resume

Explore the key elements that contribute to crafting a successful resume and understand the significance of ensuring your resume is ATS compliant in this informative video. Reach out to Bidisha Ray for assistance with your Professional Resume, LinkedIn Optimization, Cover Letter, and Mock Interviews.

Effective Management of Job Search

In the webinar on effective job search and interviews, learn the importance of setting clear goals, tailoring application materials, researching companies, and building a professional network. Bidisha provides strategic insights on preparing for interviews, practicing common questions, maintaining positive body language, and prompt follow-ups. Stay organized, stay positive, and persistently pursue the right job opportunity.

Here are a few reasons why

You need Professional help for your resumes

CV writing can be a daunting task that's why many individuals turn to resume writing services and resume experts for guidance.

They possess the expertise to guide you on how to write a standout resume.

Your resume reflects your career journey and needs to make a powerful impression.

Professional resume services can transform your resume into an error-free and impressive document.

They understand industry-specific requirements and incorporate relevant keywords for better ATS compatibility.

Seeking help from a resume expert ensures your resume meets industry standards.

Services Tailored to Catalyse Your Triumph

Resume Writing Services: Discover the art of writing a job resume that tells your story.

Interview Coaching & Mock Interviews: Navigate your professional path with a sense of direction, courage, and strategic insights.

Career Advice: Harness the true power of LinkedIn for networking and career magnificence.

Interview Mastery: Polish your interview skills and emerge as the confident candidate that companies seek.

Professional Resume Writing Services

Why Choose Bidisha Ray

Bidisha is a master in crafting resumes that stand out.
Each client receives personalized mentorship and a customized strategy.

Bidisha goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions, providing individualized guidance.

Benefit from Bidisha’s strategic insights for comprehensive career growth.

Your Partner for Professional Resume Writing Services in the UK

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Enhance your online presence with Bidisha Ray's blog writing services in the UK. With a focus on quality content, elevate your professional image and engage your audience effectively. Blog your way to success with Bidisha Ray's expert touch.

Clients Who Entrusted Us


Sathiya Arthanari Experienced Software Engineer

I highly recommend Bidisha for their exceptional guidance and expertise in career development. Their personalized approach, insightful advice, and unwavering support have been instrumental in helping me achieve my professional goals. Thank you for your invaluable contributions to my career journey!


She is best in her work, great help love to recommend her work thank you bidisha šŸ„°

Kamalnayan Asarpota Amazon Area Operations Manager

Bidisha possesses a remarkable ability to distill complex career histories and aspirations into concise and impactful resumes. She provides invaluable insights into tailoring resumes to highlight strengths and achievements effectively. What sets her apart is her personalized approach and genuine investment in clients success.

Sunita Chaubey Specialists in Women Workforce in IT

I highly recommend Bidisha Ray as a career coach for anyone looking to enhance their professional profile. Bidisha's expertise in crafting resumes and optimising LinkedIn profiles is truly remarkable. With her guidance, I got few of my candidates resume transformed into a compelling document that effectively showcases skills and experiences. Her dedication to her clients' success is evident, and I am grateful for the impact she has had on job seekers career journey. If you're seeking personalised and effective career coaching, look no further than Bidisha Ray.

Vishal Tripathi Strategic HR Leader

Thank you so much for your help, guidance, enthusiasm, fabulous knowledge and overall positive and energetic attitude. I know that I made the right decision to use you as my career coach.

Amit Joshi BA(Hons) AMBCS Assistant Manager at KPMG

Bidisha provided a first class service whereby she maintained constant communication, updates and advise. Really appreciate her efforts, time, dedication in helping me out. I would strongly and highly recommend Bidisha. Expectations are always exceeded and provides high quality outcome. Thank you for all your efforts and assistance.

Debjani Karmakar Mitra Business Change Consultant

Bidisha is highly professional Career coach. She has helped me modify my resume in the most professional way which has helped me with lot of job opportunities . She has guided well about the Do's and Dont's in a resume / cover letter and how to present oneself in an interview. Highly recommended

Pooja Dhwanil (Pooja) Darji Data Analytics

Bidisha Ray can offer personalized CV-building services tailored to each individual's skills, experience, and career goals. This includes highlighting key achievements, optimizing the format, and ensuring a professional presentation. She helped me to create an impactful LinkedIn profile that showcases my professional brand. This may involve optimizing the profile summary, highlighting relevant skills and accomplishments, and providing guidance on networking and engagement strategies. I would recommend Prabisha Consultancy to get comprehensive career guidance services, including assessing individual strengths and interests, exploring potential career paths, and offering insights into industry trends and job market demands. I got guidance from Bidisha that can help me to make informed decisions and develop a strategic career plan.Prabisha Consultancy always gives ongoing support to clients, providing updates on industry best practices, resume/CV updates, and LinkedIn profile maintenance. Which helps to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and maintain a professional online presence.

Dr. Shubham, UK Masters of Public Health

Bidisha is amazing, with a sound understanding and a creative touch when crafting CVs and cover letters. Her ability to blend knowledge seamlessly into my CV and LinkedIn profile is remarkable. She also serves as a great mentor. I highly recommend her for the incredible work she delivers.

Satish Medapati Deep-tech Data Science

Bidisha has good people management skills. Though we did not have many opportunities to work together, sharing of work related ideas and thoughts, made me understand her expertise in her domain.

Vishal G. Market & Competitive Intelligence professional

Bidisha is a an amazing person to work with. She, during her tenure at CIQ, lead important initiatives and was intrumental in firming the roots of an important revenue generating project. She is also helpful as a guide and has excellant coaching skills.

Gaurav Sood Operational Excellence

Bidisha is clearly a role model for anyone working in the industry today. In fact I was very fortunate to have worked with her early in the development of my own career; she was my mentor and the focus she had in achieving lasting results was just tremendous. She is very personable and easy to work with and flexible, as well as an expert in a number of areas. I have a high degree of trust in her judgment. She knows her "research stuff," yet can see the big picture too. And most importantly, she has a fun-loving personality and "can-do" attitude. In summary, Bidisha is a gem.

Shweta Shankar Khatri Senior Analyst Business Research

Bidisha is an asset to any organization she works with. Although I did not manage her directly, she came across as a sincere and smart individual with good communication skills.

Akshay Mathur Talent Acquisition

Bidisha is an intelligent and analytical information professional. Always very quick to learn and develop new skills.

Brijesh J. Data, Engineering, Analytics: Evolving Insights

Bidisha is a natural leader and comes across as a focused individual with excellent project management skills. She has an eye for detail and ensures completion of project deliverable efficiently and on time. She is an excellent partner to work with and always has constructive ideas to complete the most complex tasks. It is always a pleasure to work with her.

Vijeyta Karthik Data Analytics Senior Manager

Bidisha is a highly self motivated and detail oriented person. She displays a lot of thought leadership and her ability to understand business problems and come up with analytical solutions is really commendable.

Sai Lolayekar Driving Transformation through the Cloud

Bidisha brings to the table high levels of functional knowledge, clarity of thought and great relationship-building skills. She possesses strong project management and leadership skills, and is a structured and detail-oriented professional with terrific communication skills. Her ability to develop and nurture relationships with global teams and customers is noteworthy. I recently worked with her on a project that focused on building our presence in China and her inputs were invaluable - thanks to her extensive background and first-hand knowledge of the local culture and business practices. On another engagement with a local Chinese firm, her Chinese language skills and customer centricity helped us proceed to the next stage, in the process earning us respect and positive feedback from the client.

Suhel Inamdar Operations & Marketing

Bidisha is a detail oriented manager who works on each assignment thoroughly. She has eye for details and follows the rules to the core. She will ensure the deadlines are met and assignment/project is completed in time.

Sujata Lahiri Sen PGDM, CMA (USA), Lean Six Sigma

I have worked with Bidisha and she is great with project management with a keen eye on details.She is very knowledgeable in her business field. Her understanding and meeting the customer requirements are really recommendable. She is very approachable and a people person. She always helped anybody and everybody who approached her.

Jaysree Roy Laboratory Technician

Bidisha is a very good person by heart. She listened to my queries very patiently and provided me with reasonable solutions. she helped me with resume professional resume building and cover letter writing. she is very professional and was always available for any doubts. she is a very good human being. I highly recommend her.

Heli Priyanka K Seasoned DevOps Engineer

I had the pleasure of working with Bidisha Ray recently, and I cannot recommend her services highly enough. In a job market where first impressions matter more than ever, Bidisha truly excels in crafting ATS-compliant resumes, optimizing LinkedIn profiles, and creating compelling cover letters. What sets Bidisha apart is her dedication to understanding each client's unique strengths and career goals. She goes above and beyond to ensure that every document is not just a template but a personalized representation of the individual. Bidisha demonstrated an exceptional understanding of the intricacies of applicant tracking systems (ATS). If you're looking to make a lasting impression in your job search, I wholeheartedly recommend Bidisha Ray.

Prakash K. Hedge Fund Investor Services

Bidisha possesses an exceptional talent for resume crafting and a keen eye for highlighting one's strengths. Her guidance and insights were invaluable in restructuring my resume, resulting in a document that truly reflects my skills and experiences.The professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering quality work were evident throughout the entire process. Not only did she help me articulate my achievements better, but also provided valuable advice on tailoring the content to specific job opportunities.Thank you, Bidisha, for your exceptional support and for going above and beyond to help me present myself effectively on paper. Your expertise made a significant difference, and I'm truly grateful for your assistance.

Arindam Chaudhuri Seasoned Security & Risk Manager

It is quite challenging to understand the nuances, re-orient your profile and to apply for jobs in the UK especially for people coming from a different zone. Bidisha the founder of Prabisha Consulting brings in those fine skills to propell ones profile in the suitable direction. The one on one sessions are focused and given crucial inputs that in general are difficult to comprehend. A one stop solution for job seekers who want a personal touch.

Padmini Chandrashekar Project Management Officer

Bidisha helped me tailoring my resume,Linked In profile. She is detail oriented,dedicated and highly knowledgeable. She helped me understand what is important while searching for jobs in the UK and her posts on her profile is quite helpful. Thank you for your support and hard work for helping others in achieving the dream job

Anu Chandrasekaran Results-Driven Banking & Technology Leader

Bidisha's expertise on crafting outstanding resumes shines through with everytime. Her own rich experience from corporate leadership along with attention to detail aids in providing quality service. She helped me with optimising my CV and was very pleased about her professionalism and patience. I highly recommend her to my friends and family now and would continue to do so. Thank you Bidisha.

Manav Chhabra Sales and Tourism Expert

I am delighted to recommend Bidisha for her outstanding assistance in crafting my resume according to UK norms. Her guidance has been instrumental in steering me towards my desired job. Bidisha's approachable nature and strong people skills make her an invaluable resource. I highly recommend her expertise to anyone seeking professional support in their career journey.

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