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goes beyond coaching; she's your career collaborator and your resume expert. With a remarkable repertoire, she crafts resumes that radiate your essence, fuels career growth, optimizes LinkedIn for success, and prepares you to conquer interviews.

Webinar - Making of a Winning Resume
Winning Resume

What are the key elements that contribute to crafting a successful resume, and what is the significance of ensuring that your resume is ATS compliant?

Discover the answers to these questions in this informative video.

Reach out to me if any help is required with your Professional Resume, LinkedIn Optimisation, Cover Letter, and Mock Interviews. 

Effective Management of Job Search

 Webinar on Effective Management of Job Search &

To effectively manage your job search and interviews, set clear goals, tailor your application materials, research companies, and build a professional network. Prepare thoroughly for interviews, practice common questions, maintain good body language, and follow up promptly. Stay organized, stay positive, and be persistent in your pursuit of the right job opportunity.

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Resume Writing Expertise: Discover the art of writing a job resume that tells your story.

Career Coaching: Navigate your professional path with a sense of direction, courage, and strategic insights.

LinkedIn Brilliance: Harness the true power of LinkedIn for networking and career magnificence.

Interview Mastery: Polish your interview skills and emerge as the confident candidate that companies seek.

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Sandeep Menon

Exceptional service right from communication at the start till delivery Requirements met very well.

Siddhi Joshi

Very quick service and extremely professional. Thank you Prabhisha the CV is extremely well written and laid out. Highly recommended!!!

Ooha Rao Myneni

Excellent service.. patiently worked on feedback until I am fully satisfied.

Dr. Shubham, UK

Bidisha is amazing, with a sound understanding and a creative touch when crafting CVs and cover letters. Her ability to blend knowledge seamlessly into my CV and LinkedIn profile is remarkable. She also serves as a great mentor. I highly recommend her for the incredible work she delivers.

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